When your in the market for a new CPA firm there is a lot to consider.  Doeren Mayhew, a Michigan CPA firm provides you with some guidelines for choosing the right accountant.

  1. Industry Specializations – Your accounting firm should have expertise within your industry. Firms with industry specializations typically provide services beyond what just any CPA does. Drawing on this specific knowledge, specialized industry firms can provide business advice to help your company meet its financial goals others likely could not. The Michigan CPAs at Doeren Mayhew have formed dedicated niche-focused industry groups to assist each industry we serve to the best of our ability.  From providing construction accounting, to manufacturing accounting to financial institutions audits, Doeren Mayhew dives into these industries among many others.
  2. An Advisor, Not Just A CPA – Most CPA firms are strictly focused on what they do best – crunching numbers. Other firms go beyond this to be CPAs and advisors. At Doeren Mayhew, our Michigan CPAs and advisors go beyond traditional accounting to offer insight into their industry, oversight of best practices and foresight for what’s ahead.
  3. Comprehensive Service Offerings – Today smaller accounting firms generally don’t deviate from the generic offerings of audit and tax work. Doeren Mayhew’s Michigan CPAs and advisors offer everything from tax, to international accounting, to merger and acquisition services and everything in between.
  4. Client References – Don’t hesitate to ask your accounting firm candidates for client references. They can provide great insight about what you can really expect to receive in terms of client services from the CPAs there.

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