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Contractor’s Revenue Recognition Reminder Checklist

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Top 10 Plan Audit Triggers to Avoid

Although there is no way to escape the random selection of an audit, Doeren Mayhew suggests limiting your chances of being chosen by avoiding the top 10 plan audit triggers: Late or inconsistent payment of employee deferrals Errors in calculating e...
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New Video Highlights Seller Experience

Selling a business is likely the most difficult, and most important, transaction you will encounter as a business owner. Not only is there a lot at stake financially, but you have emotional investment in the business, not to mention that the overall ...
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Ask the Advisor – Tax Edition

Do the new tangible property regulations have any impact on tax filings this year for my business? Each situation is different, however, if you use tangible property within your business, it will impact your filings. Effective for tax years beginning...
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Ask the Advisors – Transfer Pricing

My company buys products from our non-U.S. affiliate, and I know these transactions are required to be at “arm’s length.”  If I don’t document my transfer pricing policies, and the IRS makes an adjustment, will I be charged a penalty?   ...
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