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“Since more than half my waking hours are spent at work, it’s nice to work with people whom I consider friends, and who understand my role in life is also being a mom and will allow me the flexibility when needed to attend my kid’s school and sporting events. I cannot put a price on that.”

“I look forward to attending Doeren Mayhew’s team events, because they are well organized, fun and relaxing for the whole firm.”

“I’ve formed close friendships with some of my co-workers, and I enjoy working with the partners more closely than other firms would allow.”

“I think work/life balance is good at the firm. People are encouraged to take time off, and there is a good team atmosphere.”

Nurturing Environment

“I chose Doeren Mayhew as my first accounting job because I knew this was where I could grow professionally. The projects are complex and challenging, which makes us better accountants as we progress.”

“As an intern at Doeren Mayhew, I prepared and handled tax returns, which was challenging, yet rewarding. You are definitely put into the real world of accounting.”

“I enjoyed interning at Doeren Mayhew because everyone is very friendly and helpful, especially during tax season when guidance or encouragement is needed most.”

Rewarding Work Experience

“I enjoy working at Doeren Mayhew because developing and implementing comprehensive solutions for clients is very rewarding, and it is part of my personal goal to positively make a difference in people’s lives.”

“Doeren Mayhew offers innovative and creative solutions to industry niches that need them. We continually work toward improving the client experience.”

“At Doeren Mayhew I learn something new every day, which makes work more enjoyable and fun.”

“Doeren Mayhew has a wide variety of clients, and it’s been a wonderful experience having face-to-face meetings with them to discuss business issues.”

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