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Senate Passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

After months of negotiation, on Aug. 10, 2021, the U.S. Senate voted 69-30 to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the largest investment in infrastructure the United States has seen in over a century. The ...
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IRS Audits May Be Increasing, So Be Prepared

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) just released its audit statistics for the 2020 fiscal year and fewer taxpayers had their returns examined as compared with prior years. But even though a small percentage of returns are being chosen for audit these...
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Retiring Soon? 4 Tax Issues You May Face

If you’re getting ready to retire, you’ll soon experience changes in your lifestyle and income sources that may have numerous tax implications. Here’s a brief rundown of four tax and financial issues you may deal with when you retire: 1. Taking...
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Tax-Favored Ways to Build Up a College Fund

If you’re a parent with a college-bound child, you may be concerned about being able to fund future tuition and other higher education costs. You want to take maximum advantage of tax benefits to minimize your expenses. Here are some possible optio...
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