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Weathering the Storm of Rising Inflation

Like a slowly gathering storm, inflation has gone from dark clouds on the horizon to a noticeable downpour on both the U.S. and global economies. Is it time for business owners to panic? Not at all. As of this writing, a full-blown recession is possi...
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Clean Vehicle Credit Comes With Caveats

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes a wide range of tax incentives aimed at combating the dire effects of climate change. One of the provisions receiving considerable attention from consumers is the expansion of the Qualified Plug-in Electric ...
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Accounting 101: Levels of Assurance 

A financial expert’s analysis is only as reliable as the data it’s based on — and all financial statements aren’t created equal. The term “assurance” refers to how confident (or assured) you are that a company’s financial reports are re...
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