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3 Keys to Transitioning to Remote Audits

Are you comfortable communicating electronically with your auditors? If so, a logical next step might be to transition from on-site audit procedures to a more “remote” approach. Remote audits can help reduce the time and cost of preparing audited...
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Keeping Your Auditor Independent

Having a good working relationship with your auditor is always important. However, keeping a proper balance between how the auditor, as an “independent third party,” develops a good working relationship with great client service while maintaining...
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Classifying Shareholder Advances Under GAAP

Owners of closely held businesses sometimes need to advance their companies money to bridge a temporary downturn, provide extra cash flow for an expansion or major expense, or other purposes. Should you classify those advances as bona fide debt, addi...
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FASB Addresses Tax Reform Accounting Changes

Tax reform not only brought sweeping changes to the U.S. tax code, but also impacts financial reporting for organizations filing as a C corporation, since they most likely have deferred tax assets or liabilities on their balance sheets. As a result o...
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