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Turning Receivables Into Cash 

It’s common for high-growth and seasonal businesses to have occasional shortfalls in their checking accounts. The reason relates to the cash conversion cycle — that is, it takes time to collect customer invoices. In the meantime, of course, emplo...
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Beware of 3 Common Valuation Pitfalls 

The presence of an error, misstatement or erroneous deviation from customary business valuation practice in an expert’s report is a risky proposition. Here are three common pitfalls that qualified valuation pros know to avoid — and to which less-...
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7 Trends Defining the Future of Non-Profits

What will the future hold? This is a question asked by every leader in nearly every industry post-pandemic. For non-profits, a world of new opportunities, challenges and perspectives on the industry has opened up.   To discover which trends have th...
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