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Managing Backlog in an Uncertain Economy

When projects stalled across the country during the initial weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic — some indefinitely because of lost funding — the construction industry became increasingly nervous about backlog. Construction backlog seems to be rebound...
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7 Tips for Avoiding Construction Disputes

A single construction dispute can turn a profitable job into a loss; multiple ones can put a contractor out of business. Here are seven strategies for avoiding them: Draft contracts carefully. Ambiguous contract language is probably the most common c...
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Exploring the Many Facets of an ESOP

Like many business owners, you want to retire someday. In addition, just about every business is looking for ways to improve employee engagement and retention. One ambitious and somewhat complex way to plan ahead, while also adding a benefit to emplo...
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Turning Your Surety’s Frown Upside-Down

Bad luck and unforeseen circumstances can put any construction company in jeopardy of losing bonding capacity or even ending its relationship with a surety altogether. If you find yourself on the outs with your bonding agent, there are some fundament...
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