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With the severity of the 2007-2009 financial crisis still fresh in the minds of many business owners and predictions of a looming recession, now is the time to start preparing for an economic downturn while times are still good.

Doeren Mayhew, Huntington Bank, Varnum and Harvey Hohauser & Associates have partnered together to present a program designed to discuss how solid contingency planning, even in today’s market environment, makes good business sense. With solid upfront planning, you can position your business to mitigate financial losses, grow and even gain market share during a recession. Join our experts for this complimentary breakfast event to gain critical insights, practical risk-reducing strategies and help your business prepare for success in any market environment.

Gain Insight On . . .

  • Techniques you can implement to plan and make your business ‘recession resistant.’
  • Methods to protect you and your business in transaction structures to mitigate litigation and the impact of potential bankruptcy from your partners, vendors and customers.
  • Why merger and acquisition opportunities during a downturn can be advantageous for some businesses, and under what circumstances this might be a solid strategy for your company.
  • Ways to build and leverage a team of key employees.
  • Monetary and non-monetary strategies to retain your key employees.
  • Key cash-management strategies and the importance of creating a 13-week cash-flow statement.
  • Areas of your banking agreements you should pay most attention to and have updated now before a recession hits.
  • The most impactful ways to maximize your collateral base beyond traditional lending.
  • How to quickly find lending solutions for your business, even if you are a cyclical, highly leveraged or undercapitalized borrower.

Click here to view the event invite and register today!

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