Navigating an evolving healthcare landscape is challenging enough without worrying about your technology stack not keeping up. What drives your business success is focusing on your patients, not spending countless hours concerned about meeting strict regulatory requirements. In many cases, healthcare providers lose valuable time bouncing between multiple systems to get the information they are looking for or spend hours analyzing data, only to find out it is incorrect. You need a technology that will help drive efficiencies, ensure regulatory requirements are met and provide timely information to make informed decisions.  

When deciding on an accounting software, there are many aspects to consider. That’s why our dedicated outsourced accounting team specializes in Sage Intacct specifically for our healthcare clients. Here, our dedicated specialists highlight five ways Sage Intacct can support your practice growth.  

1. A Healthcare-Focused System Customized to Your Needs

Today’s healthcare organizations are facing a range of challenges impacting the bottom line like never before. Sage Intacct is continuously updating its features, functionality and services to provide customers with a healthcare accounting and intelligence solution that delivers clear, measurable results. With Sage Intacct’s financial reporting capabilities, you have the agility and flexibility to effectively anticipate, adapt to and manage change in real-time, using the latest data and insights.

2. HIPAA Compliant

Keeping patient information protected means protecting all of it. Sage Intacct Advanced Audit Trail is certified HIPAA-compliant, which should give you peace of mind knowing your patient data is safe, and your organization can meet strict ever-changing regulatory requirements.  

3. Hosted on the Cloud

Unlike legacy on-premise solutions, a multi-tenant true cloud foundation means you will never have to worry about being on the latest version of the software or complicated and expensive upgrades. 

4. A System That Helps Fuel Growth

By applying AI and machine learning-based automation, finance teams can streamline previously manual workflows, catch costly mistakes and ensure correct data every time – overall increasing efficiency and allowing you more time to focus on strategic tasks.   

5. Preferred Provider of the AICPA

Sage Intacct is the first and only preferred provider of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), setting the professional and technical standards for the CPA profession.  

Many healthcare providers choose Sage Intacct because its comprehensive financial management capabilities are tailored not only to help improve efficiency in the finance team’s day-to-day tasks, but also to meet the specific needs of the industry – all while allowing financial leaders to drive strategic direction and growth of their organizations.  

How We Help

Doeren Mayhew partners with you for the long haul to help achieve positive outcomes for your business and your patients. We’re here to support your team with the industry expertise, technology and automation needed to improve accounting efficiency, drive strategic direction and be positioned for growth.  

As a Sage Intacct preferred partner, our outsourced accounting team is here when you are ready to make the switch. Count on us to be there each step of the way through implementation and support the software long after it is installed.  

To learn whether Sage Intacct is the right product for your organization, take a quick product tour or contact us today.