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Across the country, there are tens of thousands of state and local tax (SALT) jurisdictions, each with its own distinct rules and regulations. This unfortunately creates a great tax burden for business owners who sell their products and/or services across state and county lines. Given the dynamic nature of jurisdictions’ tax regulations, businesses may not even know they have incurred liabilities, which may lead to significant compliance penalties. With so much uncertainty about state and local tax regulations, it is certainly challenging for a company of any size to remain compliant.

State and Local Tax Services

Doeren Mayhew’s Houston state and local tax advisors help business owners navigate the always-changing landscape of SALT in the state of Texas (and across the United States) to ensure companies understand their tax exposure, have strategies in place to reduce related liabilities and assist in filing any necessary returns.

Our Houston SALT advisors have a comprehensive offering of state and local tax services, including:

  • Nexus Review – Pinpoint any opportunities for exposure or refunds, as well as determine whether you’ll need to collect or remit sales and use tax (or digital tax) in other state and local tax
  • Income and Franchise Tax – Determine your business’s overall Texas and interstate business activity to recognize any potential tax exposure, uncover opportunities for refunds and navigate any income or franchise tax returns as needed.
  • Property Tax – Reveal state and local tax issues and reporting requirements for Texas properties, as well as the other 49 U.S. states.

Trust Doeren Mayhew’s SALT Advisors

Don’t allow state and local taxes to catch your business off guard. Choose Doeren Mayhew’s Houston state and local tax advisors to evaluate your unique SALT situation and reduce your overall tax liability. Contact us today for more information about our Houston state and local tax services.

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