From cooking hazards and identity theft to burglaries or auto accidents, there are some seasonal risks that could cost you big. Thankfully, there are a number of different insurance policies that offer protection during the holidays.

Homeowners Insurance

Standard homeowners policies typically cover holiday-related claims related to theft, personal injury, and fires. Homeowners insurance provides that coverage under the personal liability policy, but it’s important to talk to your trusted advisor to better understand if you have enough coverage.

Identity Theft Insurance

Protect yourself from the costly, inconvenient experience of falling victim to identity theft with insurance. This type of coverage is typically added to your existing renters or homeowner insurance to help mitigate the costs and difficulties associated with fixing credit records, fighting charges, and reinstating your financial reputation.

Car Insurance

During the major winter holidays, a number of factors combine that make the roads more dangerous than usual. Depending on the state in which you live, auto insurance may help minimize the costs related to  major injuries or death, including death benefit payouts and medical bill coverage.

Umbrella Coverage

Get peace of mind ahead of the holidays by securing an extra cushion of insurance protection with umbrella coverage. This kicks in after the limits of your car or homeowners insurance policies are exceeded so you can ensure a line of defense against any number of costly claims.

Our affiliate, Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, can help you enjoy the holidays without worrying about potential lawsuits or claims that could threaten your financial security. Learn more about seasonal insurance risks in their latest article.