With hurricane season among us and Hurricane Laura expected to make landfall in Texas/Louisiana this week, Doeren Mayhew reminds businesses of the following hurricane preparedness tips:

  • Remove any loose objects such as papers, pictures, desktop items and more from perimeter offices and store in interior rooms on top of desks and tables. Avoid leaving anything on the floor that could be damaged by water.
  • Back up all computer files and store in a secure location off-premises. Move all computers and electronic equipment from the floor and place in an elevated area.
  • Expect power surges and unplug all computers and electrical equipment to prevent damage.
  • Close and lock all file cabinets.
  • Remove all items that you may need in the event your building remains closed due to power outage or damage. Items may include checkbooks and cash, laptops, passports, etc.
  • Secure valuable items left in your building or office, such as petty cash, checkbooks, stamps, tablets and more.
  • Close all doors of perimeter offices and turn off all lights.
  • Open all drapes, shades and blinds.
  • Lock your office.

As businesses enter recovery efforts, Doeren Mayhew has compiled a guide to help aid in the process. Key areas include:

  • Recovering business records
  • Reviewing emergency plans
  • Obtaining insurance support

Click here to view our Business Disaster Recovery Guide.

If your business is impacted by a natural disaster and requires assistance in the recovery process, contact us today.