2013 was a strong, eventful year for participants in the food and beverage (“F&B”) industry. Movements in commodity prices, shifts in consumer preferences, technological advancements and regulatory changes impacted industry players throughout the supply chain. Merger and acquisition (“M&A”) aggregate value and pricing multiples both increased from 2012, as buyers flush with cash pursued acquisitions. The Doeren Mayhew Food & Beverage Index outperformed the S&P 500 Index, and public company EBITDA multiples rose across all sectors.

To learn more about the merger and acquisition market within the food and beverage industry, download Doeren Mayhew’s semi-annual publication the M&A Pulse, where you can read commentary from Michigan M&A advisors on:

  • Key factors that affected the industry in 2013
  • An analysis of industry stock market performance
  • Highlights of market trends influencing industry participants
  • The notable transactions that took place last year

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