By George Grzywacz, CPA, JD – Shareholder, Doeren Mayhew

Earlier this year, the Michigan General Sales Tax Act was amended to provide procedures for a purchaser who failed to properly claim a sales tax exemption to request a refund of that tax. These procedures become effective on January 1, 2019, and allow a purchaser to file a claim for refund within four years of the date that the purchase was made. In filing this claim the purchaser will have to submit:

  • Documentation of the purchase
  • Confirmation by the seller the tax was collected and the seller has not previously requested a refund of the tax
  • Documentation of the purchaser’s sales tax exemption claim

These new procedures have simplified the refund claim process from the purchaser’s perspective and should assist the state in being more responsive to these types of refund claims.

If you feel your business has paid Michigan sales tax it may have been exempt from, contact Doeren Mayhew’s tax advisors to help validate your stance and claim your refund. Contact us today.