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There are tens of thousands of state and local tax (SALT) jurisdictions across the country and each has its own unique rules and regulations. Unfortunately, this creates a significant tax burden for companies who do business across state and county lines. Organizations may not even know they have incurred liabilities, which could lead to hefty state and local compliance penalties. With the ever-changing nature of state and local tax regulations, it can be challenging for companies of all sizes to remain compliant.

State and Local Tax Services

Doeren Mayhew’s Michigan state and local tax advisors assist business owners in navigating the dynamic landscape of SALT in the State of Michigan, and across the United States, to ensure businesses fully understand their tax exposure, implement strategies to minimize related liabilities and file returns wherever necessary.

Our Michigan SALT advisors offer a full suite of state and local tax services, including:

  • Income and Franchise Tax – Assess your company’s overall Michigan, and interstate business activity, to determine any potential tax exposures, identify opportunities for refunds, and prepare income or franchise tax returns where necessary.
  • Property Tax – Identify tax issues and reporting requirements for state and local tax related to property in Michigan, along with the other 49 U.S. states.
  • Nexus Review –Assess any opportunities for exposure or refunds, and determine whether you will need to collect or remit sales and use tax or digital tax in various state and local tax

Rely on Doeren Mayhew’s SALT Advisors

Don’t let state and local taxes catch your business by surprise. Partner with Michigan state and local tax advisors at Doeren Mayhew to assess your unique tax situation and reduce your overall tax liability. To learn more about our state and local tax services, contact our Michigan tax advisors today.

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