With the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) launch of a new online tool, taxpayers can take advantage of the useful alternative when inquiring about their basic account information. The new tool is not only a convenient way to be able to see what tax, penalties and interest are owed, but can double as a way to pay for any balance incurred through various online payment options available. Some payment options include direct pay, pay by card and Online Payment Agreement. For now, payment options are limited but the IRS will continue to develop and test other options as they become available.

The process to begin using the tool isn’t a typical one, but it is a safe one. Gaining access to the tool requires a two-step authentication process. It begins with an arduous Secure Access set-up to authenticate identity for new users, as well as a security code sent to their mobile phone through text message or email. Taxpayers that have already registered can use the username and password received prior. First time registrants will need an email address, a text-enabled mobile phone in the user’s name and specific financial information. The IRS will not contact any taxpayer for information, only to distribute the one-time authentication codes.

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