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Tax Collaboration Portal

Collaboration is an online information exchange portal, designed to help you to efficiently gather and submit information needed to complete your tax return.

Portal Benefits

Collaboration benefits include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access the portal?

You can access the portal by clicking here.

I received an email to sign the engagement letter but the link does not work. How can I resolve this issue?

You will need to register your account first and then login to sign the engagement letter. To register your account, locate the email registration invitation sent to you (remember to check your spam or junk inboxes). If you are unable to locate it, please contact your engagement team.

Should we use any particular web browser when accessing the portal?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to use Google Chrome for optimal user experience.

Is there a time restriction when logged into the portal?

There is not a time restriction if you’re actively using the portal, however, for security purposes, the system does time out if you become inactive for longer than 22 minutes.

Why do I keep receiving “You are not authorized to view this URL” notification each time I try accessing the portal?

You must register your account to access the portal first. To register, locate the original registration email and create a User ID and Password. If you’re still in need of assistance, please contact a member of your engagement team.

If I link my bank account through , will it know to get a revised 1099? Does it also automatically link to the request list?

Yes, the system will pull in revised tax forms. Unfortunately, the document will not link to the request list, and  you will need to indicate “Attached Above/Below” under that specific item on the request list.

Will I have access to tax documents at any time throughout the year via the portal?

Yes, you will have access to your documents year-round via the Document Locker for a maximum of two years.

What do I do if it says the link is not valid?

Close all your internet browsers, then open Google Chrome (the recommended browser) and retry accessing the portal. Keep in mind, if you have more than one window of Collaboration Hub open, the link will not work.

I haven’t received the initial registration email. Is it being sent from Doeren Mayhew directly?

No, the registration email came directly from the Collaboration Hub with a no-reply address. If you have not received your registration email, be sure to check your SPAM and junk mailboxes. Below is a screenshot of the email you should have received.


My spouse was not invited to the Collaboration Hub, how can I add them?

If your spouse did not receive an email invitation, please reach out to a member of your engagement team, and we will re-send the invitation.

Does the firm receive documents as I upload them to the Collaboration Hub?

Yes, your engagement leader will have access to download the necessary documents to process your tax returns from the portal once they are uploaded.

Can I add more documents to my Collaboration Hub once my Organizer has been submitted?

Yes, simply log into the portal and request to reopen your Organizer.

I’m unable to add my bank routing number and my IRS identity theft PIN to the portal because they both start with a zero. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

CCH is aware of this issue and it will be fixed on a future release (timing is unknown). In the meantime, please provide your bank routing number or IRS identity theft PIN in the notes section.

Should I use the Document Locker instead of uploading the documents to the Organizer?

No, upload all documents to the Organizer. If you upload any documents to the Document Locker, please contact a member of your engagement team. At this time, a notification is not generated when documents are uploaded to the Document Locker.

How-To Videos

Check out the below videos on how to use the Collaboration Hub to submit documents and complete your tax organizer questionnaire.

Getting Started


Document Request List

Submitting Info

To access your electronic organizer or for assistance navigating the portal, please contact us today.

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