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Meeting the goals and needs of your practice can be challenging without the ability to track each employees’ performance and the practice as a whole. Monitoring daily statistics is critical for dentists to get an accurate picture of the their practice’s performance and the areas for improvement.

Doeren Mayhew’s Dental Information Tracking System (DITS) is a practice management software that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly format to track your practice’s performance growth. Unlike other dental tracking systems and software, DITS shows you what your team is doing to improve practice outcomes.

Delivering Insightful Value

Serving as a management tool, DITS helps facilitate business processes, increases efficiency and streamlines operations. The web-based application gives you the ability to define practice and individual goals along with automated alerts, enabling you to quickly monitor how the objectives of your practice are being met. With minimal daily inputting of numbers by your staff and support of Doeren Mayhew dental cpas, critical self-awareness is achieved, helping to motivate the team, provide focus and set daily direction for achieving desired practice outcomes.

How It Works

Designed to keep employees informed of their progress in contributing to the overall success of the practice, each team member is responsible for entering their daily data manually.

At the end of each day, each team member inputs their numbers into the system triggering system calculations and monitoring activities. Individual team members are able to instantly see how their figures impact the practice’s overall goals, as well as their individual goals, helping to promote accountability.

Useful Data

The data collected is used in many ways, including:

  • Generating progress reports used to keep the team on track to meet goals
  • Keeping owners up-to-date on practice happenings in real time
  • Alerting appropriate people when goals are not met
  • Measuring the ability of the practice to maintain the health of the patient
  • Determining the effectiveness of the practice to educate patients and raise dental IQ, and oral systemic health awareness
  • Evaluating the perception of the delivery of care
  • Measuring the overall effectiveness of the office

Ready to sign your practice up? Contact Doeren Mayhew dental CPAs for more information.

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