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Running a successful practice requires a clear understanding of its financial health at all times. Are you turning a profit? How is cash flow? Are you meeting monthly financial goals? Before you can buy a new piece of equipment or hire a new staff member, these among many other questions, need to be answered to understand where you currently stand.

QuickBooks is the ideal accounting software for dental practices. It allows practices to enter deposits, write checks, pay bills, create payroll and reconcile their bank accounts easily from the convenience of one software.

While QuickBooks for dentists is a user-friendly, day-to-day software, configuring it properly to produce valuable information requires the insight of a dental CPA. Doeren Mayhew’s dental cpas can help set-up the accounting software effectively, as well as support its ongoing development, to foster informed decisions about your practice now and into the future.

 Gain Efficiencies through QuickBooks for Dentists Offerings

  •  Set-up for new and expanding practices
  • On-site QuickBooks training and seminar offerings, covering areas such as:
    • In-house financial statement preparation
    • What to look for in financial statements
    • Formatting QuickBooks for a dental practice
    • Designing a chart of accounts
    • Tips on handling payroll
    • Importing transactions
    • Understanding financial ratios
    • Short-term and long-term benchmarks
    • Top ten QuickBooks errors in a dental practice
  • Comprehensive QuickBooks “how to guide” for dental practices
  • Co-sourcing monthly accounting services via QuickBooks

Contact our dental CPAs to get started with QuickBooks for dentists today or attend one of our upcoming QuickBooks seminars.

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