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Every family has a unique dynamic with a distinctive set of needs and challenges. At Doeren Mayhew, we offer a tailored approach to meet the evolving needs of high-net-worth families and their businesses. Our CPAs and advisors are dedicated to helping our clients grow their families’ wealth, minimize tax liabilities, realize financial goals and preserve their legacy for generations to come.

Service Offerings

Maintaining a successful single-or-multi-family office requires bench strength expertise in various areas, such as accounting, tax, insurance, estate and trust, and wealth management. With a non-traditional accounting firm model, Doeren Mayhew brings together many of these required perspectives to help you seize opportunities, maintain compliance and ensure your wealth is protected.

Advisory Services

  • Family office design, creation and entity structuring (family partnership, corporation, etc.) best aligned with your family’s goals and objectives, keeping operational and tax efficiency at the forefront.
  • Assistance in establishing a governance structure and procedures to effectively oversee family office operations.
  • Consulting to educate rising generations on importance of wealth and upholding the family legacy.
  • Advising on philanthropic initiatives, including the planning and formation of private foundations, to support the family’s charitable endeavors in a tax-advantageous way.

Tax Planning and Compliance Services

  • Tailored tax planning solutions and development of an overall tax strategy that benefits family members across multiple generations.
  • Tax compliance and preparation services of necessary returns, such as income, gift, foundation, trust, estate and business.
  • Advisory services to ensure your wealth is transferred in the most tax-efficient manner, plus evaluating the overall impact of investment and charitable opportunities.
  • Support of multi-national families and their cross-border activities, including inbound and outbound tax strategies and compliance, foreign disclosure reporting and much more.
  • Preparation of quarterly tax projections to assist with managing overall cash flow.
  • Representation and support in Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state or local tax audits.

Back-Office Accounting Services

  • Management of the day-to-day accounting and operations, including recordkeeping, bill payments, cash-flow management, financial reporting and more.
  • Payroll processing, quarterly employment tax filings and year-end reporting.
  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly financial reporting to facilitate family discussions and help make informed business decisions as well as assist with family meetings.
  • Administration of private foundation operations to help carry out its mission in benefiting stakeholders.
  • Oversight of family real estate ventures, including daily accounting, property tax administration and insurance coverage maintenance to protect the return on investments.


  • Penetration and vulnerability assessments to identify cybersecurity threats to operations.
  • Cyber posture examination to determine if the office’s information systems environment is operating as it should.
  • Educational awareness training programs for personnel.
  • Disaster planning and recovery to aid in keeping operations up and running in the wake of an attack.

Estate and Trust Planning Services

  • Assistance with succession planning of family offices and multi-generation families to transfer wealth effectively with your goals in mind.
  • Lifetime estate and gift planning, which includes conducting an analysis of liquidity and current estate plan, valuing family business entities and offering insight on tax-saving strategies.
  • Trust planning, formation and administration to benefit future generations.

Insurance and Wealth Risk Management Services

  • Advising on proper insurance coverage to ensure protection of your family and its business interests.
  • Financial planning and asset management of investments to support growth of multi-generational wealth.*

*Doeren Mayhew partners with local wealth management advisors to provide these services.

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