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With businesses increasingly conducting activity outside the region in which they operate, state and local governments have also become more creative in their attempts to collect taxes on any related sales and activity.

Whether a business or individual, count on Doeren Mayhew’s experienced SALT advisors to help mitigate your overall liability and maintain compliance. Our dedicated professionals bring extensive experience in resolving complex SALT-related issues and offering advisory support, including areas such as:

Income and Franchise Taxes

Our SALT advisors provide a variety of compliance, planning and advisory services related to income and franchise taxes, including:

  • Assessing your company’s overall interstate business activity to determine any potential tax exposure
  • Providing SALT compliance services to ensure annual filings have occurred in the appropriate jurisdictions
  • Reviewing operations to determine if any economic nexus has been created
  • Assisting with voluntary disclosure programs to bring your business into compliance where required filings may not have been made
  • Offering recommendations for your overall tax structure to minimize your income and franchise tax liability
  • Identifying any state tax incentives or credits relevant to you or your business
  • Providing support on state tax audits, including negotiating with auditors, communicating with tax authorities, serving as representative and more

Property Taxes

Maintaining compliance with property taxes is an often-overlooked area for businesses with properties in several jurisdictions, and one that could be costly if avoided. To help minimize your property tax liability, Doeren Mayhew offers comprehensive services such as:

  • Performing a property data analysis to identify any potential tax issues and provide planning strategies
  • Conducting a thorough review of property tax assessments previously filed
  • Monitoring property tax assessments
  • Providing tax compliance services to ensure reporting requirements are met
  • Serving as a tax representative for audits or appeals

Digital Tax Services

The world of digital services has grown significantly in the last few years, making sales and use tax a complicated area for businesses to navigate and understand. Count on our seasoned SALT advisors to guide you through these complex tax laws in areas such as:

  • Assessing where your products or services are being sold to identify any potential tax exposure
  • Determining whether your business sales activity has created economic nexus in light of the Wayfair ruling
  • Ensuring tax compliance in each jurisdiction where any business activity occurs, including providing services, selling products and more
  • Navigating marketplace facilitator laws to ensure sales taxes are appropriately collected for services or goods sold

To learn more about how our dedicated SALT advisors can help ensure your overall SALT exposure is mitigated, contact us today.

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