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We’re not your traditional accounting firm. We think outside the spreadsheet, applying the business and financial guidance to help you succeed.


We know the way.

At Doeren Mayhew, we’re more than just transaction-minded CPAs. We’re strategic partners, providing guidance and direction as you traverse complex business terrain. Anticipating the unexpected. Assessing situations. Uncovering opportunities. And navigating a path through a maze of business challenges you face. By combining financial insights with a holistic perspective, we take you and your business forward.

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Karl Doeren founds Karl M. Doeren & Co. in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.

The Doeren Mayhew name makes its debut to reflect the partnership between Karl Doeren and Bruce Mayhew.

The firm relocates to Troy, Michigan – the city corporate headquarters still calls home – to serve Metro Detroit.

Former Doeren Mayhew employee Tim Moore merges his Houston-based firm TR Moore & Co. with Doeren Mayhew, giving both firms a national footprint.

Doeren Mayhew acquires MFR, PC, doubling its size in Houston in less than two years.

Doeren Mayhew acquires Orth, Chakler, Murnane & Co., to become one of the nation’s largest credit union auditing firms, and expands its footprint to the Miami, Charlotte and Dallas markets.

The firm establishes its first offices abroad in Switzerland and London through its international practice Moore Doeren Mayhew. 

The company expands its reach to West Michigan via the acquisition of Grand Rapids-based Beene Garter LLP, boosting employee count to over 500.

Purpose and Values

Adding value in every column

At Doeren Mayhew, company success is fully contingent on the success of our clients and our employees. Our core values resonate in this mantra. Fused together by our people and shared purpose, our DMAdvantage (or DMA) shapes who we are as a firm.

It’s the why to our what. It’s what guides our decisions. Impacts who we hire. Inspires our everyday actions. Perfectly in sync, our DMA fuels our path of purpose and progress for our clients’ benefit.


Driven by our commitment to help our clients succeed.


Ambitiously lead to identify and execute innovative solutions.


Embrace team diversity to attain shared aspirations.


Accept responsibility, demonstrate trust and fulfill our commitments.


Encourage our employees’ unique talents, perspectives and career development.


Courageously do the right thing – always.

Company Culture

Where initiative roams and success is shared.

Entrepreneurialism. It’s at the heart of our culture and runs all through our history. We fuel that ethos with enthusiasm, encouraging boldness of thinking and celebrating the success that follows — along with the people who make it possible.

Community Outreach

Paving the way with purpose.

It’s not enough to simply do well in business. Which is why giving back to the communities where we operate is a fundamental part of the Doeren Mayhew culture. We strive continually to make a positive impact in the places we call home.

Whether it’s volunteering for day-long philanthropic projects, supporting gift-giving programs or aiding community drives, our employees are all in on making a tangibly positive impact. Our Difference program provides a firm-wide opportunity to do just that.

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We offer more than transactional solutions to narrowly focused problems. Partnering with our in-house affiliates, we solve a broad range of business challenges in a holistic outcome-based approach. Delivering real results. Above and beyond what you’d expect from a traditional CPA.