Houston 401(k) Audit Services

Employees appreciate workplace perks such as a 401(k) plan, but this benefit also comes with the fiduciary responsibility of managing employees’ investments. An important part of this responsibility is to remain compliant with the rules set in place by The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), along with other regulatory entities. To determine if you are meeting your fiduciary duties and your participants’ investments are properly looked after, Houston 401(k) audits are conducted.

ERISA’s regulations and requirements can be difficult to manage without the help of a trusted Houston 401(k) auditor to ensure compliance. With over 85 years of firsthand experience working with hundreds of different plans, Doeren Mayhew’s 401(k) auditors have the specialized training to keep your organization ERISA-compliant. To demonstrate our commitment to conducting the highest quality of retirement plan audits, we are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center.

Houston 401(k) Audit Services

Doeren Mayhew’s 401(k) auditors help our clients navigate the ERISA complexities of over 200 different plans each year, offering key insight into each plan in regard to today’s environment. Our Houston 401(k) audits include the following services:

  • 401(k) audits
  • Form 5500 preparation
  • 401(k) plan consulting
  • Compliance testing and reporting
  • Regulatory resolution assistance
  • Initial 401(k) plan audit preparation

Does Your Plan Require a 401(k) Audit?

Not sure if your plan should be audited? Plans with 100 participants or more are required to have a 401(k) audit conducted every year. At the start of each plan year, eligible participants should be counted, including those who are active, separated, retired or deceased. After confirming your participant count, our Houston 401(k) auditors can help to prepare you for your first audit and collaborate with you to meet 401(k) audit requirement for years to come.

Trusted Houston 401(k) Audit Firm

When you choose to partner with a dependable Houston 401(k) audit firm like Doeren Mayhew, trust that your fiduciary concerns will be put at ease and your 401(k) audit will be handled promptly. To learn more about our Houston 401(k) audit services, contact Doeren Mayhew today.