Houston Nonprofit CPAs

At the core of running a nonprofit is reaching the organization’s greatest potential, and a large part of that involves understanding its financial health. When your nonprofit requires comprehensive insights into its finances, help to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations, and assistance with delivering transparency to your stakeholders, Doeren Mayhew, a Houston nonprofit audit firm, stands ready to support your nonprofit to reach its goals.

With nearly 85 years of experience working with nonprofits and hundreds of audits under our belts, our team of Houston nonprofit auditors serves a wide variety of nonprofits, from charitable organizations, to religious organizations, to governmental entities. Regardless of the goals your organization has, Doeren Mayhew’s nonprofit audits allow you to access insights into your financials so you can make well-informed decisions on behalf of your nonprofit.

Are Houston Nonprofit Audit Services Necessary for Your Organization?

Despite the fact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not require nonprofits to conduct audits, certain state and federal agencies may. Whether your nonprofit requires an audit is determined by its size, source of funding and spending, and Doeren Mayhew’s Houston nonprofit auditors can help you determine if an audit is necessary. If that is the case, our Houston nonprofit auditors will begin the process to help you uncover important audit areas, review your exposure to risks such as fraud, compare your internal controls to others in your industry and more. Here are some of our Houston nonprofit audit service offerings:

  • Initial audit preparation
  • Financial statement audits
  • Financial statement review and compilation
  • Single audits (OMB A-133 audit)
  • Governmental audits
  • Internal audits
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Agreed-upon-procedures

Partner with a Trusted Houston Nonprofit Audit Firm

Doeren Mayhew’s Houston nonprofit CPAs bring a wealth of nonprofit knowledge and firsthand audit experience to the table. When you choose to partner with us for Houston nonprofit audit services, you’ll benefit from minimal disruptions to daily operations, collaborative CPAs ready to answer your questions and helpful insights to maintain compliance and gain confidence in your organization’s financial health.

Get the financial insights and peace of mind you need to run your Houston nonprofit with Doeren Mayhew’s Houston nonprofit CPA services. Contact us today to learn more.