Collaboration is your mantra. It's ours too.

Credit union service organizations (CUSOs) open doors to new opportunities, revenue streams, service lines and growth. But collaboration is key. At Doeren Mayhew, we live to collaborate on auditing, setting goals, building relationships and more.

Who we serve

Working alongside over 50 CUSOs, our pros help service organizations focused on a variety of member services.

Mortgage Lending​

Commercial Lending​



Wealth Management​

Auto Sales and Repo 

Auditing CUSOs takes knowing how they operate. With industry expertise paired with in-depth knowledge of CUSO operations, we can help identify risks and position you for the future. From numerous CUSO operations with different business models, to intricate IT systems, and everything in between, we understand the uniqueness of CUSOs. Rely on our credit union CPAs to deliver audit and tax services that ensure compliance and provide added value for long-term success.