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Doeren Mayhew’s CEO Advantage® was designed to help you and your management team optimize your financial, growth and operations performance today, while building value for the long-term.

Based on your needs, our business advisors will customize a service plan to:

  • Clarify your business strategy
  • Identify and increase value drivers
  • Refocus on core competencies
  • Improve EBITDA performance
  • Develop growth strategy
  • Create and conserve cash
  • Develop customer retention strategies

Doeren Mayhew CEO Advantage

For more information on specific services, browse our service modules:

Strategic Planning

  • SWOT analysis to explore strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Budget development
  • Short- and long-term goal setting
  • Review of financial data and key performance indicators
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Vision and mission documentation
  • Consensus and understanding of business purpose, direction and goals
  • A management team better equipped to think strategically

Exit Planning

  • Module I – Establish Exit Objectives
  • Module II – Build Value Drivers
  • Module III – Determine Exit Path (Transfer to Insiders, Sell to Third Party)
  • Module IV – Business Continuity
  • Module V – Wealth and Estate Planning

Financial Advisory: CFO Module and Controller Module

  • Comprehensive key performance indicator (KPI) analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Benchmarking against industry standards
  • Budget analysis
  • Systems optimization
  • Executive management reports
  • CFO and controller services to supplement your staff

Growth Advisory: CMO Module

  • Alignment of growth strategy
  • Customer focus groups, advisory boards or satisfaction surveys
  • Lead generation and sales performance improvement
  • Goal setting, budgeting, organization design, job descriptions and measurement
  • Account planning and management
  • Alliances and partnership programs

Operational Advisory: COO Module

  • Business and growth planning
  • Change management
  • Business process improvements
  • IT assessment and deployment
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • HR and organizational alignment

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