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Look to Doeren Mayhew’s team of transaction advisors to provide due diligence services that will help you decipher the data at hand and provide a clear decision path for your next transaction.

Why is Due Diligence Important?

Due diligence is critical in the world of mergers and acquisitions, as it allows a buyer to verify important information about a seller such as finances, contracts and customers prior to entering a financial transaction or agreement. Essentially, due diligence makes or breaks a deal, so having an experienced M&A advisor on your side is imperative.

Your Due Diligence Support Team

Doeren Mayhew provides due diligence support for a wide variety of deal types and transaction timelines, including:

  • Sell-side
  • Buy-side
  • Capital raise
  • Quick close
  • Multiple partners
  • Foreign transactions

Working collaboratively with our accounting, tax, finance and investment banking advisors, Doeren Mayhew’s pre- and post-transaction due diligence services help reveal risks and opportunities to allow you to make informed decisions about how or whether to proceed with a transaction.

Due Diligence Services

Look to us to provide insight into the historical and projected financial performance of a company by assessing the accuracy and sustainability of earnings and cash flow, as well as the quality of assets and liabilities being acquired or assumed. Our due diligence service offerings include:

  • Exploratory target assessments
  • Quality of earnings reports
  • Specialized procedures tailored to areas of need
  • Projections for obtaining financing and analyzing outcomes
  • Analysis of how the transaction will impact current and future credit arrangements
  • Review of seller information and assessment of accuracy and synergies
  • Research on target companies
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Review of agreements
  • Structuring for merging companies
  • Working capital analysis
  • Support in legal due diligence
  • Assistance in structuring earnouts
  • Analysis of tax impact of various alternatives
  • Support in determining purchase price or reviewing offer price
  • Analysis of integration risks or considerations


What does due diligence mean in mergers and acquisitions?

Due diligence is an examination of a possible investment to confirm facts that may affect a buyer’s choice to make a purchase or merge.

What is included in due diligence?

After partnering with Doeren Mayhew’s M&A advisors, we begin the process by creating a detailed checklist of all the documents we will need. The documentation will then be reviewed, and we’ll work closely with you and the target company to ensure all goals are achieved to get the deal closed.

Who does due diligence in mergers and acquisitions?

Typically, the buyer and their M&A advisors are responsible for the due diligence process.

For more information on our due diligence services, contact Doeren Mayhew’s M&A advisors today.

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