Leslie Tripp
Director of SBA Consulting|
Miami, FL

With 30 years of industry experience, Leslie specializes in delivering Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loan compliance services to lending institutions across the nation.

Dedicating her career to all things lending, Leslie discovered her niche was with SBA loan compliance. Her background of working with financial institutions, and even at the FDIC, uniquely positions her to help provide guidance and valuable insights to client engagements.

An SBA compliance veteran, Leslie and her team have participated in more than 16,000 SBA loan reviews helping lenders remain compliant with the SBA’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Recognizing the need for an automated SBA loan compliance system, she pioneered GOLoan Review software, designed to identify SOP compliance exceptions. Understanding the complexities surrounding SBA loans, Leslie and her team also provide additional solutions to clients, including post-closing loan reviews, SBA exam preparation, lender staff training, SBA credit policy design, Federal regulation compliance reviews, business valuations and Universal Purchase Package support.

Leslie’s profound expertise, combined with her expansive industry background, helps clients avoid regulatory scrutiny and achieve SBA compliance success.

  • Credit Unions
  • Small Business Lending Companies
  • Banks
  • SBA Loan Compliance Advisory
  • SBA Loan Reviews
  • SBA Federal Regulation Compliance
  • SBA Valuations
I love to see how lenders can improve their SBA audit results after utilizing our SOP compliance approach within their SBA Department. SBA lending takes skill and perseverance. The lenders who excel at it put forth the effort into compliance for their program. It is rewarding when we help our clients get great results on an SBA exam!
Leslie Tripp - Director of SBA Consulting