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In an increasingly global business environment, cross-border tax compliance is critical. If your company has multiple entities that buy and sell from one another, it’s particularly important for you to assess your transfer pricing program. The international tax accountants and attorneys at Doeren Mayhew and our international affiliate, Moore Stephens Doeren Mayhew, are well versed in the transfer pricing issues common among multinational corporations, public companies and domestic organizations doing business in multiple states.

Transfer pricing strategies must strike a delicate balance between achieving tax efficiencies and ensuring compliance with various jurisdictions. Complying and avoiding stiff penalties (fines as high as 40 percent of the underpaid tax in the United States) takes:

  1. Setting prices that are comparable to those paid in “arm’s-length” transactions.
  2. Fully documenting the methods you use to set those prices.

Doeren Mayhew’s international tax accountants help you formulate the best strategy for compliance and tax optimization based on your particular situation.

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Transfer Pricing in Action

For more information, contact our international tax accountants in Michigan, Houston or Ft. Lauderdale.

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