3 Tips For Choosing The Right Recruitment Partner In 2023

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As a business, you may have heard the many negative stereotypes of recruiters: they never call you back, they don’t have enough information about the role or candidate, they reach out to candidates who aren’t a good fit, etc. It’s hard enough in today’s competitive talent market to secure a strong candidate for your open finance-related role—without having to face the challenges of partnering with poor recruiters. Here are some important tips to determine the best recruitment partner for your business: [zone_spacer spacer="md"]

1. Make Sure Your Values Align

[zone_spacer spacer="sm"] Organizational values are unique to your business and industry. It’s critical to assess the value alignment between your organization and the recruitment agency you plan to partner with. This ensures the best interest of your business is put at the forefront of the recruitment relationship. Sharing similar core beliefs will create a partnership built on trust and awareness. When the values of both the recruitment partner and your business align, the recruiter is more likely to fully understand your talent needs. This aids them in determining how well a candidate will fit within a role on a deeper level. Aligning your values early on will allow your recruitment partner to place candidates who can easily integrate into your business culture. [zone_spacer spacer="md"]

2. Understand the Recruiter’s Prioritization of Your Business

[zone_spacer spacer="sm"] One important thing to realize about large recruitment firms is they have hundreds of clients. With these big firms, the prioritization of your recruitment needs could be low. Today’s high level of competition for talent necessitates immediate access to ready-to-work candidates—and extremely efficient communication with recruiters. Understanding the size of the recruitment firm you’re enlisting will help you gage what the prioritization of your needs will be. Ask about the firm’s current client base and what their standard operating procedures are. Will you be working with one dedicated recruiter or bounced between several? Your organization doesn’t need randomized recruiters who are not familiar with your candidates and recruitment needs. Establishing your unique recruitment needs as a high priority for your recruitment partner, and a mutual understanding of what this entails, will help you efficiently find the right talent. [zone_spacer spacer="md"]

3. Find a Partner—Not Just a Recruiter

[zone_spacer spacer="sm"] Doing your due diligence is a vital step in choosing the best recruitment partner. After gathering various recruitment firms as options, your business should compare their core values, testimonials and sizes to gage their fit for your organization. By researching and removing firms not deemed to be a good match, your business is likely to experience a true partnership with your recruiter. Establishing a strong partnership can provide additional incentive to drive the best talent to your business. Shared initiatives between your organization and recruitment partner will attract high quality candidates who recognize the enthusiasm and streamlined processes from a genuine partnership. Adversely, working with the wrong recruitment agency can lead to miscommunication, slower recruitment processes and poor talent matching. [zone_spacer spacer="md"]

Our Recruitment Services

[zone_spacer spacer="sm"] At Beene Garter, A Doeren Mayhew Firm, our Recruitment Services cater to your unique talent needs for all finance functions. If you’re looking for a genuine recruitment partnership, our firm’s dedicated talent specialists have access to a local pool of candidates to draw from. Our one-on-one communication style will ensure that your open roles are top priority until they’re filled. From executive placement to temporary hires, we strive to fully understand your long-term business goals—and secure the talent to help achieve them. [zone_spacer spacer="md"]

Have an open finance related role to fill? Let our recruitment experts find the right talent for you.

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