8 Strong Security Practices Sage Intacct Uses To Keep Data Safe

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Are you looking for a new software solution for your accounting needs? Privacy, security, and data protection play a huge role when reviewing software options and making your final decision. The software provider you choose must be fully committed to safeguarding your data. Sage Intacct is one cloud-based accounting solution that offers best-in-class security practices. Here's a list of eight safety features that Sage Intacct performs to keep your data secure while giving you superior performance and efficient financial processes. [zone_spacer spacer="sm"]

1. Third-party security and privacy validation

Sage Intacct complies with various third-party security standards and conducts regular audits to identify discrepancies. These reports are available upon request for customers and prospective buyers. Sage Intacct undergoes regular audits and maintains the following security standards, SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II, ISAE 3402/ISAE 3000, PCI-DCC Level 1, HIPAA, and PrivacyShield/GDPR. In addition, the platform has security certifications, such as SOC 2 Type II, which demonstrate its dedication to exceeding typical security parameters and maintaining excellence with strict security compliance.

2. Quarterly automated security testing

Every quarter, Sage Intacct undergoes a high level of testing to ensure your data is secure and remains safe from bad actors. Third-parties conduct penetration testing on infrastructure associated with accessing, processing, and transmitting sensitive data. This practice uncovers vulnerabilities to data breaches. Summary reports of these risk assessments are available to customers and prospective buyers upon request.

3. Real-time monitoring and status updates

Sage Intacct consistently monitors its system to prioritize network security, including firewall logs and remote access activity. Proactive monitoring for inconsistencies helps prevent cyber attacks.

4. Customizable security controls

You're in control of keeping your data as secure as possible with customizable, controlled access. You can set password rules for your users and create inactivity time-outs. You can set granular role-based permissions to limit data access to specified personnel and perform account monitoring to ensure only authorized users have access to the proper systems.

5. Physical data security

Sage Intacct has data centers with high-security infrastructure and 24/7 monitoring. They control physical access to their data centers, limiting access to hard records and corporate IT data systems. Data centers that store or process customer data are also SOC 2 compliant and subject to CCTV, man-traps, and biometrics controls (and more!) They also enforce strict regulations for any external or internal distributions of backup data.

6. Data lass prevention and measurement

After a disaster, Sage Intacct provides complete data recovery within 24 hours of a major incident. They have standby servers with an uninterrupted power supply to securely store backup data. Plus, Sage Intacct executes daily backups to multiple locations, continuous backups of transaction data, and secure streaming of transaction data to remote disaster recovery centers.

7. Commercial-grade antivirus software

Sage Intacct prevents viruses and malicious-code attacks through commercial-grade antivirus software. All systems, including those that access, store, or process customer data or other sensitive information, are equipped with virus-screening software.

8. Staff education and training

Sage Intacct is highly committed to excellence in data security, and they have created an internal culture of security and privacy. The company employs certified Information Security professionals (CISSP) responsible for developing and driving the security program. All employees undergo annual security training, with application developers and engineers receiving additional security training on top security risks outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP Top 10).   Keeping your data secure is a core element of Sage Intacct's business and client philosophy. This list of eight security practices only scratches the surface of Sage Intacct's commitment to safety. They also generate audit logs, evaluate vendors, manage employee access and authorization procedures, encrypt customer data, dispose of data safely, and maintain a Data Recovery Process. If you need a scalable, flexible accounting solution that executes strict safety measures, explore Sage Intacct today.  

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