Doeren Mayhew Recognized as Best of Best Firm Once Again

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Doeren Mayhew is excited to announce it has been recognized again as one of the Best of the Best firms in the United States. One of only 50 firms, and the only Michigan-based, to receive this honor from INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA), Doeren Mayhew made the list based on results from IPA’s 32nd annual survey of more than 600 firms. Ranked οη more than 50 metrics, these top performers within the profession produce superior results while planning for long-term sustainability and growth, offering both clients and staff alike a successful future. "Managing and leading through an ever-changing environment while achieving best-in-class results is an accomplishment worth celebrating," says Mike Platt, principal with IPA. "Despite economic challenges and staffing shortages, this year's class of Best of the Best firms continue to shine and excel, leading by example and showing others what is possible."

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