Regulation E Error Resolution Common Risks and Violations

  • On-Demand Webcast

With trillions of dollars being passed electronically around the globe today via debt cards, prepaid cards and ACH payments, EFT error claims have been on the rise. Financial institutions need to keep Regulation E rules top of mind to avoid risking violations in the wake of intensified regulatory scrutiny of error-resolution processing. Watch this on-demand webcast to gain insight on all-things error resolution, including:

  • What an error is defined by Regulation E
  • Common mistakes made by financial institutions
  • Notice requirements
  • Time limits for error resolution
  • Interview importance in the resolution process
  • What should be investigated and when during the resolution process
  • Ways to leverage the financial institution’s rights
  • Larger risk considerations, including UDAAP and the costs of resolving errors
  • And more

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic concepts of Regulation E
  • Identify common violation errors
  • Recognize the risks associated with the regulation
  • Become familiar with error resolution requirements


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