The Important Role a Cyber Assessment Plays in Protecting Your Business

  • On-Demand Webcast

In a digital age where cyberattacks are rampant, performing regular cyber assessments should be a critical part of every company’s procedures. Done right, a cyber assessment can help determine the likelihood of an attack and the potential impact it could have on your company’s reputation, finances and overall health.

Join cybersecurity experts from Doeren Mayhew in this on-demand webcast to gain insight on a cyber assessment’s important role in protecting your company, including:

  • Main objectives and components of a cyber assessment
  • Why cybersecurity is much more than firewalls, backups, anti-virus software and insurance
  • Importance of matching your controls to your assets, weaknesses, threats and vulnerabilities
  • How developing a baseline supports long-term strategic planning

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what a cyber assessment is.
  • Identify ways an assessment can help build a cyber-resilient business.
  • Learn best practices for mitigating cyber risks.


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