Payroll & Workforce Management

Keep calm. We help your payroll carry on.

Paying and managing employees doesn’t need to be complicated. DM Payroll Solutions can help you transform the way you hire, develop, oversee and compensate your people. Giving you back your time to focus on employees. Pairing you with the right scalable software solution and dedicated customer service reps, we’ve got you covered.

Stop wasting time correcting human errors by automating employee time and attendance functions. Control labor costs, boost efficiency, manage and monitor time all with ease.  Our time and attendance solutions allow employees to track hours worked from wherever they are. While you as an employer, can have access to real-time data to monitor attendance and make better staffing decisions. 

  • Time tracking and reporting

  • Automated pay rules

  • Accrual monitoring 

  • Alternative time entry method options

  • Schedule streamlining

  • Paid time off management

  • Exception oversight

  • FLSA and overtime compliance

  • Self-service online portal