International Tax

It’s a big world. Let’s keep those liabilities small.

Doing business beyond U.S. borders gets complicated fast. So does your tax position. Our tax pros have the international skill set to ensure compliance on a global scale while minimizing your international tax exposure.

As your global workforce grows, so does the challenge of keeping them happy. We can help you manage increased costs and resource demand, multinational employee protocols, local reporting and withholding requirements, compliance and more.

  • Individual tax compliance services 

  • Tax equalization policy administration 

  • Treaty and totalization advice 

  • Tax minimization planning 

  • Training of internal resources 

  • Pre/post assignment tax consultation 

  • Expatriate payroll consultation and compliance 

  • Expat process design and improvement 

  • U.S. and non-U.S. payroll services

Global Reach. Local Touch.

At Doeren Mayhew, it’s our job to help you understand the new markets you move your business into. The risks and rewards. The pitfalls to avoid. We take that job seriously.

As an independent member of Moore North America, our firm gains access to local experts sitting in 110 countries across the world. Helping you overcome any business challenges you encounter on your global explorations.

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