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With a dedicated Retail and Restaurant Group, Doeren Mayhew provides insight to help you contain costs, run lean while satisfying customers, optimize your real estate strategy, reduce taxes and manage cash flow.

Dependence on consumer spending, managing cash in a seasonal sales cycle, labor issues and inventory management are just a few of the challenges retailers and restaurateurs face, all while working to keep business thriving. Doeren Mayhew is comprised of CPAs with extensive expertise in financial management and business processes, this group offers a support system to help you create a more productive operation and reach higher profit levels. We serve a variety of consumer-end restaurants and retailers such as:

Services for Retailers and Restaurants

  • Audits, reviews and compilations for investors and financing needs
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Benchmarking against competitors and the industry
  • Strategic planning
  • Key performance indicators to monitor financials, track trends and uncover opportunities
  • Profit improvement analysis to identify costs savings or determine why one location is more profitable than another
  • Assistance with employee issues and development
  • Cost accounting and pricing assistance
  • Tax compliance and savings planning, including reviewing depreciation strategy and inventory write-downs
  • Growth strategy development
  • Cost segregation studies to identify tax savings opportunities on buildings and properties
  • Operations improvement
  • Internal controls evaluations to help improve operational efficiencies, prevent theft and fraud, and ensure accurate financial reporting
  • Preparation of budgets and forecasts

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